Undiscovered Balkans

There’s only one way to improve upon a holiday to Montenegro, and that’s to hop over the border to experience the stunning beauty of its neighbours as well! The Balkans is an area of stunning beauty and diversity, so we are now offering trips that take you further off the beaten path in search of undiscovered adventure!

For a few years now we’ve been offering add-on trips into Albania for those wishing to dip their toes into a land of epic scenery and legends – for 2018 and beyond we are now pleased to announce several new locations as we gently expand our operations into the wider Balkans!


With our outstanding guides and partners over the border we can now offer you three different tastes of Albania! From stupendous mountain vistas to UNESCO protected towns, you can choose our 3-day package if you just want a brief introduction – or you might like to go deeper and spend a week exploring instead! One of our favourites is our new Gastro/Cultural holiday, which also takes serious advantage of Albania’s delicious cuisine! These holidays can be selected by themselves or together with our hugely popular multi-activity weeks.


Just over the border is possibly the least visited of all the countries in the former Yugoslavia. Bosnia, too has epic landscapes, fascinating towns and an intriguing history ready to be revealed to the more curious traveller! This tour mixes Montenegro and Bosnia in a perfect way, combining cultural city visits to Mostar and Sarajevo as well as activities out in pristine nature. The mission of this program is for guests to discover the real Balkan spirit, lifestyle, traditions and cultural complexity as well as natural beauty!


Probably the most developed and visited of all the countries in the former Yugoslavia, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t many spots that haven’t already been discovered by modern tourists. But you’d be wrong! Our cross-border kayaking trip (which takes you around the stunning Elafiti Islands, above, as well Lake Skadar) has already been getting rave reviews since its launch in 2017, and for 2019 we also plan to have a multi-activity holiday based on the idyllic island of Vis!